Christine Petersen established Time Technology in the Asian Pacific Region in 2002 with its head office in Hong Kong.  It was a wonderful opportunity to partner with multinational companies from around the world.  TimeSmart – Productivity through Technology was developed in response to a growing demand by busy business leaders and their teams for practical ways to achieve better control of workflows and the use of technology.

Time Technology and their team of accredited facilitators have helped over 29,000 busy executives in the APAC Region to achieve digital productivity outcomes that are highly valued.

How Time Technology Came to Be

Christine’s extensive corporate manufacturing management experience shaped how TimeSmart digital productivity was developed and has continued to evolve, a timeless solution!  TimeSmart digital productivity processes are designed to consistently apply the principles of The Toyota Way, 6 Sigma and Kaizen philosophy.

What is Time Technology’s Experience?

Our APAC clients have demanded rigorous and consistent digital productivity solutions across their teams, which has kept us on our game.  The value these clients place on productivity processes and technology adoption has contributed to their 2022 IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, where Singapore is No 5 and 
Hong Kong is No 7.

In the same IMD Competitiveness Ranking Australia is No 14, which creates an excellent digital productivity growth opportunity.

During and post-pandemic, we have worked with our APAC clients who are well down the hybrid workplace and work redesign track.  This keeps TimeSmart fit for purpose to help leaders and teams transition into more human-centric collaborative
work environments.

Time Technology 2024 and Beyond

It is Time Technology’s intention to partner with Business Owners, Leaders and Managers in SMBs, Not for Profit, Community Services, Sporting Organisations, Colleges and Schools here in Australia to provide meaningful contributions in productivity improvement and technology adoption.

It’s a wonderful experience to share TimeSmart with those who add value to so many other people and who appreciate gaining more time to help even more people.

TimeSmart Flexible Delivery Options

TimeSmart programs are designed to be delivered on-site and online to groups or individuals to meet the needs of our clients.  The flexibility of these delivery options is to make TimeSmart accessible to all participants regardless of their location or schedule.

Our Business Policy

Our business policy is simple: we work with our clients to achieve the most impactful outcomes.

Ultimately you choose based on the needs of your business, no long-term contracts or expensive financial outlays.  TimeSmart is considered as an investment and not an expense.  Working together a valuable return on investment will be achieved.

Time Technology client relationships are based on the tangible and measurable results we consistently deliver.  Our preferred clients are businesses who are looking for ways to move forward in a chaotic yet balanced work environment.

Our Mission and Values

Values – Continuous improvement and constant learning are Time Technology’s core fundamental values.  TimeSmart is not a panacea for all leadership challenges.  What TimeSmart achieves is a great leap forward to adopt technology, gain control of workflows and significantly improve wellbeing.

Our promise to you – Time Technology provides a satisfaction guarantee to all our clients.

Mission – Helping our clients to effectively produce valuable results and wellbeing through the conservation of time, energy and effort.