We have several ways we work with small teams either online or in our Brisbane monthly workshop.  Regional teams enjoy our TimeSmart online program as there’s very little skills development in regional areas.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  We’ve developed a great TimeSmart online 30-minute demonstration to show exactly how digital productivity adds huge value to how people work. There is no cost involved for this demonstration.

TimeSmart is a phased learning program over a 2.5-week period. To ensure excellent results are achieved, we commit to 42 days of client support.

Technology alone does not provide sustainable productivity outcomes.  TimeSmart is a digital productivity program focused on 3 key components: people skills, digital processes and technology adoption.

Many CIOs and IT Directors have asked the same question.  They were amazed to see existing technology used as such an effective productivity tool.  Biggest value recognised was how easy it is to scale TimeSmart digital productivity processes across teams.  Another win is how it significantly increases the ROI on technology investment.

As a graduate TimeSmart client let us know and we’ll provide the set-up details.  If you would like an online call to get some help, not a problem.  If you wish to update your productivity planning skills we have a great Graduate Power Up session for this purpose.  Don’t struggle, call us.

It’s a great workbook!  Lots of excellent productivity processes and technology screenshots, not cluttered and easy to use as an ongoing reinforcement tool.  Lots of good colour as well!

Leader mentoring sessions are a more holistic approach covering both personal and professional productivity challenges.  Christine Petersen, our MD, conducts these mentoring sessions for TimeSmart graduates.  Having worked with thousands of leaders and managers across the APAC region, she is a wise woman!

Time management on its own is now redundant.  There is just too much work and not enough time.  TimeSmart focuses on many core productivity competencies applied through technology.

TimeSmart’s planning, prioritisation, communication, delegation and collaboration processes are timeless!  They remain relevant and effective regardless of any changes in technology or job functions over time.

TimeSmart online digital program is perfect for this situation, conducted via MS Teams or Zoom.  It’s a great opportunity that allows everyone to be on the same page.

Simply call us! We have a great Graduate Power Up Session and you will be up and running in no time.

Apple MacBook does not have the MS Office 365 functions that supports TimeSmart.  What we have found is that our Apple clients have no difficulty in finding alternatives in the Apple technology to apply the TimeSmart productivity processes.