Leverage Is a Multiplier: 1+1= 3

There are times in life when you’re in a situation and you learn a lifelong lesson; it’s pure magic.  When I first got into management I was like a sponge learning all I could, it was at a rigorous weekend workshop that I learnt the value of leverage as a multiplier.  My only leverage experience to that point was financial which frankly lost me after the first 2 sentences.

Much to my surprise, the facilitator explained the concept of leverage so clearly through showing how effectively bees leverage, the fog lifted and it became crystal clear.  Bees are amazing insects, especially in how they leverage their unique abilities and behaviours to survive and thrive together.

In my view the most effective use of leveraging is as a multiplier factor in how people work both as individuals and with teams.  We often hear the rallying cry from leaders to teams to collaborate more across business and with their clients.  What does this really mean?

A good start is leveraging productivity processes for both the leader and the team. Here are some of the benefits

Resource Optimization

How effectively we use resources, such as time, skills and technology; leveraging productivity processes and digital skills in teams can achieve multiplying the output relative to input.

Knowledge and Skill Sharing

Information is readily available to us all, so much so that it’s no longer possible to know it all. When individuals in a team leverage each other’s knowledge and skills the collective output can be much greater than the sum of individual input.  Team members learn from each other and play to each other’s strengths by sharing their ideas, this is how knowledge workers work together to achieve some amazing things.

Leveraging Time

Time is the most valuable resource we all have, yet 50% of the day is wasted on non-value work, work-about-work and rework, all of which is non-refundable.  Most effective way to leverage time is to change our mindset! A novel thought: time is actually more valuable than money. A key factor in productivity is to invest time in activities to gain the best return of time investment.  Achieving this both professionally and personally is critical to our success as humans.

Leveraging Technology

69% of Australia leaders believe technology alone will solve the productivity problems, it will not.  The only way to effectively leverage technology is through consistent productivity processes applied through technology.  Tech fatigue is a real challenge caused by constant updates, device pinging and poor technology when working from home.

The key aspect of leveraging is using existing resources and technology to multiply the effectiveness of output and efforts. The benefits achieved are for both leaders and their teams with better oversight, resource allocation, goal achievement, team development, accountability and most importantly, a reduction in stress.

Leveraging by itself is a great process that helps improve your productivity, yet combined with the abundance of productivity processes TimeSmart provides, a massive jump in both individual and team productivity can be achieved!

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