Our Ongoing Client Commitment

Phone Support

As part of the Time Technology promise, we are available five days a week to support you in achieving peak productivity levels. If you have a query or question about the processes or how the process integrates with other technology, we are always happy to help.

Sometimes life gets in the way and you may need some help in getting started, we are happy to assist wherever we can.


Public Workshop Access New Team

Our TimeSmart Series and In House clients can enrol new team members at the Public Workshop at the special client tuition fee to ensure consistency of TimeSmart productivity processes within a client’s business.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Time Technology provides a satisfaction guarantee to our clients. It’s important to us that we bring value to all TimeSmart Graduates, so, should you not be satisfied with the TimeSmart workshop we will happily refund your tuition fee.


Lifetime Access to Version Upgrades

Each client receives a comprehensive TimeSmart workbook at each workshop that is specific to the version of Outlook they are using. Over time Microsoft releases new versions of Outlook and as a graduate of TimeSmart we are delighted to provide you a new version set up guide; we provide these Set Up guides at no additional cost and will follow up with a phone call if you have any questions.


Lifetime Access to Workshops

Once you have graduated from a TimeSmart Workshop you are able to participate in that same workshop free of charge for life. This is very helpful with change of roles, new responsibilities or moving to a flexible or contract role.


Access to Research and Newsletters

Time Technology is always at the forefront of upcoming trends in business and technology. We conduct research and actively test new productivity solutions. As a TimeSmart Graduate you will have access to this research and any findings, including tips and tricks you can implement to improve your productivity.


LinkedIn Groups

As a TimeSmart graduate you will have the option of participating in and accessing exclusive LinkedIn Groups where you can network, share ideas and ask questions of the TimeSmart team and other TimeSmart graduates.

TimeSmart Productivity Programs


Half Day Public Workshop

For the convenience of small businesses, individuals and new team members.


In-House Workshop

For businesses looking to create a team productivity experience together.


Senior Manager Coaching

Customised 1 on 1 coaching for Senior Managers and Directors.



Ideal for large organisations looking to leverage productivity business wide.


Graduate Program

Designed for current TimeSmart graduates to continue to build their skills and achieve peak productivity


Series Package

The ultimate productivity experience – leverages the effectiveness of all the TimeSmart programs into one cost-effective package.