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Graduate Power Up Productivity Program - Online

TimeSmart Graduate Power Up program is designed for existing TimeSmart graduate clients to boost their productivity skills to thrive in a hybrid and remote workplace


Assist existing clients to evolve their individual TimeSmart digital productivity skills into team-based digital productivity skills. Hybrid workplaces will need Leaders and Managers who empower and trust their teams and team members who engage and enjoy a new level of autonomy and accountability.


  • 2-hour individual online productivity coaching session
  • 1-hour online individual consolidation session 1 week after the initial session.


  • 2-hour Group Online Power Up session with maximum of 6 team members
  • 1-hour Online Individual follow-up session 1 week after the initial session.


Existing TimeSmart clients who have completed the TimeSmart productivity program over the last six years.


Power up sessions are conducted Online via MS Teams or Zoom.


  • Allows effective workflow mobility, work on anything, anywhere – Seamless!
  • Apply a rigorous filtering strategy to reduce the impact of interruptions
  • More effective deployment of all technology to banish ‘Tech Fatigue’
  • Embrace a one touch integrated email and chat strategy, true liberation!
  • Engage in a hybrid delegation and collaboration process designed to achieve results
  • Understand how effective workflow control reduces stress and burnout
  • Gain transferrable digital productivity skills that can be used in any team or role.

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As leaders, we realise that streamlined digital productivity skills are paramount to our results. It’s time to upskill our teams to engage in a more productive, creative and visible working world as we adapt to a remote hybrid work environment.

Hybrid working and fluctuating workloads are still causing uncertainty and disruption in most teams. Many will have diminished productivity skills due to new technology upgrades and frantic or stagnant workloads.

TimeSmart Graduate Power Up program is a powerful way to hit the ground running, combining TimeSmart productivity processes with MS Office 365 and other operational software like Document Management Systems or Customer Relationship software packages.

Program Content and Structure

TimeSmart Graduate Power Up program depends on the retained TimeSmart skills initially learnt and applied from the original TimeSmart program and the amount of time lapsed since attendance.

Outcomes for Leaders and Managers

  • Significantly increase time spent on activities to match strategic priorities
  • Create a desire to champion technology usability to drive change
  • Develop a diligent real-time process to triage time wasted on non-value work
  • Have consistent digital productivity processes to motivate teams in a hybrid workplace
  • Celebrate success, encourage teams to take responsibility and ownership
  • Adopt a communication strategy that is interactional and not transactional.

Outcomes for Team Members

  • New teams will be formed and reformed, transferrable digital productivity skills ensure a quick start up
  • Thrive in an environment where team members will have more autonomy and accountability in how they achieve results
  • Self-doubt is removed when outcomes, actions and priorities are clear. Team members are motivated to manage the constantly changing priorities
  • Create an excellent follow up and tracking system to improve client service and develop on-time delivery skills.

Business is now facing the daunting task to reinvent how they do business moving forward with Covid-19 and beyond. TimeSmart Graduate Power Up productivity program is a great way to hit the restart button and to build a collaborative work environment.

Take a TimeSmart Productivity Check Up – let us know if you would like to have a chat to see what works best for you and your team.

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