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TimeSmart Group Program - Live or Online

Creates a consistent digital productivity experience within teams to collaborate and support each other achieve effective results.


TimeSmart is a digital productivity program designed to gain the best return on investment of our most valuable resource – TIME. This is done through the combination of essential digital productivity skills and the dynamic use of MS Office 365 technology.


TimeSmart is a 4.5-hour interactive workshop combining hands-on technical experience with proven productivity and time management processes. Participants are encouraged to challenge their work practices and to engage in the strategic use of technology.

In addition, each participant will have a 1-hour online individual productivity coaching session to customise the TimeSmart digital planning processes and use of technology for each role.


Leaders, Project, Taskforce, Cross functional, Operational, Self-managed and regional teams who work together to drive the right priorities to focus on outcomes and achieve results.


Workshops are conducted at the Client’s office or a group Online session with MS Teams or Zoom. Social distancing rules apply in all workshops.

Online individual coaching sessions takes place 2 weeks after the initial session via MS Teams or Zoom.


  • Gives managers the ability to lead with visible, consistent and relevant digital productivity processes within teams
  • Builds trust and shared outcomes, very effective in a hybrid workplace where flexibility and focus are key
  • Teams embrace technology, knowing what technology to use and when, to maximise usability. Work on anything, anywhere – seamless!
  • Achieve email liberation through a one-touch integrated approach which guarantees a significant reduction in wasted time
  • Reduce stress through clear actions and priorities. Ability to comfortably manage and discuss changing and conflicting priorities in real-time.

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Participants and Duration | Maximum 12 people | 9.00 am to 1.30 pm OR 12.30 to 5.00 pm

Program Content and Structure

TimeSmart Group Digital Productivity Program content and structure is designed to share how to self-manage workflows to achieve results both as individuals and within teams.

Phase 1 – TimeSmart Digital Productivity Workshop

Unit 1 – TimeSmart Core Planning Processes

During this unit participants will gain a clear understanding of the key planning processes and how they link together as a digital productivity platform. TimeSmart processes are:

  • Value Matrix – an effective work filtering model linked to results and outcomes. Applying this value analysis ensures the best return on investment of time
  • Proactive Planning – the ability to manage a visible, dynamic workflow where work is complex, fluid and constantly changing to make good prioritisation decisions consistently
  • Real-tme Prioritisation – traditional time management methods require chunks of time to organise work. TimeSmart prioritisation is real-time not lag time creating a visible workflow plan which eliminates the constant double handling of work
  • Dynamic Workflow – provides focus and flexibility in the hybrid work model. Builds resilience to manage constant change through rapid recall of workflow, it is easy to move in and out of the plan
  • Visible Workflow – clear understanding of why a centralised visible, dynamic and flexible task flow applied through technology consistently contributes to actual results and outcomes
  • Managing Mind Clutter – mental stress is caused by clutter in our brains. TimeSmart shows how digital productivity processes deliver rapid retrieval of information and creates valuable thinking time.

Unit 2 – TimeSmart Technology Set-up

At the conclusion of this unit participants will have hands-on experience in making key setup changes to MS Office 365 technology creating a central strategic planning tool.

As TimeSmart is hands-on participants are encouraged to work on their own MS Office 365 profiles in the workshop, ideally to learn while doing.

Unit 3 – TimeSmart Flexible Workflow

At the conclusion of this unit the participants will have the ability to a apply a rigorous, agile, flexible task planning process to manage the constantly changing work demands.

  • Effectively use the 4D Value Matrix planning process to drive execution of the most important work across the team
  • Encourage an environment of completion by being focused on results and outcomes. This develops a strong awareness of action and accountability
  • Achieve a high level of workflow visibility and transparency to build trust and shared outcomes. Be able to communicate clearly constantly changing priorities.

Unit 4 – TimeSmart Email Management

At the conclusion of this unit participants will have a clear understanding of a one-touch integrated email management process to effectively prioritise and manage e-communications.

  • Consistently work with an empty inbox, sent items, strong folder structure and task flow. Create a circular email workflow process to manage all four components of email activity
  • Significantly reduce the time wasted managing and massaging email by having a rapid retrieval process and strong focus on action generated from email
  • Apply technology functionality to speed up the processing of email. Review the integration of the TimeSmart planning process with all hand-held devices.

Unit 5 – TimeSmart Pulling It Together

This unit will demonstrate how TimeSmart is a combination of integrated digital productivity processes to manage work from all sources to create a visible, centralised and dynamic workflow.

Workshop Conclusion

Learning has no value unless applied. Participants will develop an implementation plan to ensure the successful application back in the work environment. The workshop is supported by a comprehensive workbook which is used in both the workshop and individual online productivity coaching sessions.

Phase 2 – TimeSmart Individual Online Coaching Session

Two weeks after the initial workshop each participant will receive a 1-hour online individual productivity coaching session to customise the TimeSmart planning processes and use of technology for each role.

These personal coaching sessions are a great way to increase the value received after attending the TimeSmart workshop or online session. Our Phase 2 Online individual coaching sessions have over 90% attendance rate.

Coaching Content and Structure

TimeSmart Review

A review discussion to assist with what is working and challenges that may have occurred between the workshop and coaching session. This is extremely helpful to participants who are using other packages such as CRM, Accounting and DMS Software systems.

In this productivity coaching session, we discuss skills and competencies required for effective communication, delegation and collaboration.

TimeSmart Communication

Covid-19 has severely impacted effective communication, many conversations have become transactional and not interactional. TimeSmart digital productivity processes are –

  • Designed to improve the effectiveness of communication, the skill of a good communicator is to be understood
  • Choose communication tools wisely to build relationships and achieve outcomes
  • Develop the ability to manage work in a multi-communication environment where relationships are critical to results.

TimeSmart Delegation and Collaboration

In an environment of rising expectations and fierce competition, good skills in working with and through other people are vitally important.

At the conclusion of this unit participants will know how to develop a consistent process to give and receive work in a dynamic environment.

  • Use a consistent delegation and collaboration processes to empower teams to have more control over their work
  • Understand how TimeSmart delegation becomes a proactive tool to develop the skills of team members in real-time
  • Implement a best practice protocol to optimise resource management within the team to achieve effective results.
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