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Program Benefits

• Cost-effectively leverage the program across large numbers of people within the business
• Ensure productivity and time management planning processes are consistent across the team
• Leverage time management and productivity principles to enhance leadership training
• Integrate the TimeSmart principles with business technology
• Execute TimeSmart Productivity training on-demand at the convenience of the organisation
• Utilise and leverage the skills and resources of in-house facilitators
• On-going access to updates for new versions of Office and workshop styles
• Personalise facilitation through company branding (Program name will remain as TimeSmart)


The TimeSmart Certification Program trains and certifies candidates assigned to facilitate the TimeSmart productivity program in organisations within the APAC Region.

The program aims to ensure that facilitators are comfortable presenting the TimeSmart program using face-to-face facilitation techniques. The purpose of the Train the Trainer program is also to ensure that facilitators fully understand the importance of integrating PowerPoint, Outlook, flip-charts and workbook into their workshops.


The Train the Trainer module provides our clients with the ability to have internal facilitators certified and licensed to facilitate the TimeSmart programs within the business; this maximises scalability and resources.

The process is rigorous and comprehensive to ensure integrity of the intellectual property is guaranteed. The TimeSmart productivity program is customised to suit the productivity goals and version of Outlook used within the organisation.

Target Group

Internal facilitators seeking to gain comprehensive training and official certification to facilitate the TimeSmart productivity program.

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Course Outline

The course will cover the following topics:

Planning & Prioritisation – The ability to manage a dynamic workflow with constantly changing priorities. Individuals will develop the skill of responding rather than reacting. Prioritisation process that is driven by the value of work contributing to results, linked with a real time filtering process at the point of entry of all work.

Time Management – Where to invest time with the return of investment linked back to the outcomes and objectives. How to ensure better decision making by relating it back to your constantly changing work priorities.

Email Management – E-mail management is critical; we receive over 100 e-mails and send at least 50 each day. An integrated approach to processing e-mails in the Inbox, Sent Items and Folder structures is essential to good knowledge and space management. TimeSmart guarantees working from a consistently empty inbox and sent items.

Effective Use of Technology – The focus is on the useability and integration of technology to create a visible plan to adjust and readjust the time investment. When used correctly, technology can be a powerful tool to enhance productivity and results.

People Management – In today’s collaborative workplace it is necessary to create an effective delegation approach that develops the skills of the people within the business. Resource management and allocation is an integral component of productivity.

Communication Management – The ability to rapidly retrieve and manage information in a multi communication environment is an essential skill.  Integrating communications through face-to-face, phone and e-mail significantly improves the quality of communications.

Innovation and Creativity – Within best practice organisations, leaders encourage people to take initiative, anticipate and adapt to what is happening around them; they find and share the best ideas within their workplaces, find answers and enjoy new challenges.


  • TimeSmart Program DVD
  • Facilitation Guide
  • TimeSmart Resource Handbook
  • TimeSmart Facilitator Handbook
  • TimeSmart Participant Workbook
  • TimeSmart Workshop PowerPoint
  • Facilitator & Participant Outlook Data (PST)
  • TimeSmart USB with all workshop material


Our Time Technology trainers are highly skilled and qualified in facilitating TimeSmart programs. They bring with them a diverse range of  experience—both in Australia and abroad. Highly motivating, encouraging and engaging, our Time Technology trainers are really in a league of  their own.

Our Ongoing Client Commitment


At Time Technology we take our clients’ satisfaction seriously. We have an ongoing commitment to ensuring you receive ample support and communication from us throughout your Time Technology experience. Our team is always to here help and answer any questions you may have.