Online Power Up Sessions

A very different work environment has emerged due to digital transformation, hybrid work, skills and people shortages, health and wellbeing and a challenging economic environment.  Digital productivity skills are not a set and forget equation.

Many changes have happened, pushing the need to adapt to a more demanding workplace environment.  No question, improving productivity is a crucial factor in thriving in this challenging business environment.

Existing TimeSmart graduate clients have recognised that for whatever reason, the law of diminishing return has kicked in and their TimeSmart digital productivity skills are on the wane.

Upskilling is like exercising; reinforcement is of great value.  Clients are enjoying the TimeSmart Power Up Sessions as they are short, sharp and to the point, it’s a great way to leverage prior learning.

What is TimeSmart?

Workplaces today need leaders and managers who empower and trust their teams to engage and enjoy a new level of autonomy and accountability.  TimeSmart Power Up Sessions are designed to assist existing clients to transition their TimeSmart individual productivity skills into team-based skills.

Who is it for?

Online Coaching Sessions
Conducted by Anthony McDonald

For leaders, managers and team members who have previously completed our TimeSmart digital productivity program.

Online Mentoring Sessions
Conducted by Christine Petersen

These mentoring sessions are to guide existing leader clients to simple and effective productivity solutions, covering a broader range of professional and personal productivity challenges.

How it works

Online Coaching Sessions

TimeSmart Online Power Up Productivity Coaching sessions are conducted as follows:

  • 1 x 2-hour online productivity coaching session.
  • 1 x 1-hour online follow-up session 2 weeks after the workshop.

Coaching sessions are conducted via MS Teams or Zoom.

Online Mentoring Sessions

TimeSmart ONLINE Leader Productivity Mentoring Sessions are conducted as follows:

  • 2 x 1-hour mentoring sessions with Christine Petersen, MD Time Technology.

These mentoring sessions are to guide leaders to simple, effective productivity solutions which cover a broad range of professional and personal productivity challenges.  Christine has worked with thousands of senior leaders and there are very few productivity issues she has not come across.

Why choose TimeSmart again?

Discover the many ways TimeSmart can enhance how you and your team get things done.

Counter busyness with strategic planning

Improve sustainability of good decision making by creating thinking and planning time.  Eliminates the busyness syndrome where so much is done in urgency.

Enhances Communication in WFH/Hybrid Work Environments

Very effective in WFH/hybrid work environments to create inclusive communication strategies reducing email traffic and back-to-back online meetings.

Optimise handoffs and teamwork

Implement a delegation and collaboration process designed to give and receive work in a fast-moving workplace.  An effective follow-up system to coach teams in on-time delivery of work.

Experience end-of-day accomplishment

We provide 6 weeks of ongoing support to help reinforce and sustain everything you’ve learned.  This allows you to cement new habits and workflows while tackling real-world challenges.

Aligns Managers and Teams on Productivity Process

Managers and teams have an aligned digital productivity process and are committed to technology adoption.

6 weeks of ongoing support

We provide 6 weeks of ongoing support to help reinforce and sustain everything you’ve learned.  This allows you to cement new habits and workflows while tackling real-world challenges.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss how TimeSmart can benefit your team, please visit our contact page to get in touch.


Great Refresher! 

I have already done this training about 2 years ago and found it so helpful.  I really enjoyed this session as a refresher.

Most Practical Session

Loved this session – the most practical session I’ve attended.

Well Paced and Very Informative

This was an extremely valuable session – well paced and very informative.