Online or On-Site Digital Productivity Program

Business is rapidly changing, placing pressure on leaders and managers skills and capability.  More technology has been provided in 2 years than in the past 5 years and many are struggling with technology adoption.

Digital skills are fast becoming the new currency in agile, fluid and complex workplaces.  Yet at the same time business is experiencing the worst skills shortage on record.  Productivity processes and skills have been severely diminished due to lack of upskilling and reskilling.

Leveraging processes and technology adoption aligns and engages members across a team, adding a significant contribution to outcomes.  Smooth workflows and clear expectations empower both individuals and managers to operate at their best—with leaders taking a more strategic focus while managers and teams execute and innovate independently.

What is TimeSmart?

TimeSmart is a digital productivity program designed to empower participants to gain the best return on investment of our most valuable resource – TIME.  Time is fundamental in any initiative being implemented—it’s a core component in achieving results.

This is done through the combination of essential digital productivity processes and skills applied through MS Office 365 and integrated with other productivity tools.

Participants are encouraged to challenge their work practices and to engage in the strategic use of technology as a powerful productivity tool to leverage resources.

Who is it for?

This program is for teams wanting to work cohesively toward shared objectives. Leaders and Managers, Project, Operational, Cross functional, Self-managed and Regional teams who work together to drive the right priorities to achieve effective outcomes.

How It Works

TimeSmart is a phased learning program with strong support over a six-week period.  It is designed to enable participants to learn through practical experience with ongoing feedback to ensure lasting application.

TimeSmart ON-SITE or ONLINE Group program sessions are conducted as follows:

  • 4.5-hour interactive workshop combining hands-on technical experience with proven digital productivity processes.
  • 1-hour individual coaching session 2 weeks after the workshop.
  • 6 weeks of email and phone support.

Coaching sessions are conducted via MS Teams or Zoom.

Program Summary

Unit 1 – TimeSmart Core Planning Processes

This unit gives a clear understanding of the key digital planning processes and how they link together as the TimeSmart digital productivity platform.

Workflow Filtering Model

An effective work filtering model linked to results and outcomes.  An effective value analysis linked to investment of time.

Proactive Planning

Managing a visible, dynamic workflow in a complex, fluid and constantly changing workplace.  Excellent for WFH/hybrid work environments.

Real-time Prioritisation Process

TimeSmart prioritisation is in real-time and not lag time, this creates a dynamic workflow and eliminates constant doubling handling of work.

Visibility of Work

Understand how a centralised visible task flow applied through technology contributes to results and outcomes.

Data Management

Digital productivity processes deliver rapid retrieval of information; this creates valuable thinking time and reduces stress.

Unit 2 – TimeSmart Technology Set-Up

Participants have hands-on experience in making key set-up changes to MS Office 365 to create a central strategic planning tool.  Participants are encouraged to work on their own technology.  Learn while doing.

Unit 3 – TimeSmart Flexible Workflow

In this unit, the participants will be able to apply a rigorous, agile and flexible task planning process to manage constantly changing work demands.

  • Effectively use the TimeSmart Value Matrix to consistently drive execution of the most important work.
  • Encourage attention on completion by focusing on actions to meet outcomes.  This develops a strong awareness of ownership and accountability.
  • Achieve a high level of workflow visibility to build trust and shared outcomes.  Be able to communicate clearly when changing priorities causes overload and stress.
  • Create an excellent work follow-up process to ensure on-time delivery and tracking of work that is due back.

Unit 4 – TimeSmart Email Management

Participants will have a clear understanding of a one-touch integrated email process to manage the deluge of emails and chats.  Enjoy email liberation!

  • Create a circular email workflow process to manage all four components of email activity.
  • Significantly reduce time wasted managing and massaging email.
  • Have a strong focus on action generated from email and rapid retrieval of information.
  • Use MS Office 365 smart technology functionality to speed up processing of email.  Integrate TimeSmart process with hand-held smart devices.

Unit 5 – TimeSmart Pulling It Together

Create a clear understanding of how TimeSmart is a combination of integrated digital productivity processes applied through technology to manage work from all sources.

TimeSmart learning is supported by a comprehensive workbook which is used in both the workshop and individual online productivity coaching sessions.

Two weeks after the TimeSmart workshop a 1-hour online individual productivity coaching session will take place.  We’re delighted to say we enjoy a 95% coaching session attendance rate.

Unit 1 – TimeSmart Review

This personal coaching session is a great way to review what is working and to discuss solutions for challenges that may have occurred.  It allows the customisation of TimeSmart for various roles.

It is extremely helpful to participants who are using other packages such as CRM, Accounting, Project Management or DMS software systems and who want to integrate the TimeSmart productivity planning process.

Unit 2 – TimeSmart Communication Processes

Many communications have become transactional instead of interactional.  Poor use of online communication tools has caused much miscommunication.

  • TimeSmart digital productivity processes concentrate on two key factors: managing the content of communications and the most effective tools to use to be understood.
  • Good communicators use their tools wisely to build relationships and reach outcomes.
  • Develop the ability to manage work in a multi-communication environment where relationships are critical.

Unit 3 – TimeSmart Delegation and Collaboration

In an environment of rising expectations and fierce competition, good skills in working with and through other people are vital.  TimeSmart is a great delegation process to give and receive work in a dynamic workplace.

  • Use a consistent delegation and collaboration process to empower teams to have more control over their work.
  • Understand how TimeSmart delegation becomes a proactive tool to develop work transfer skills in real-time, it’s a great learning tool!
  • Delegation becomes a positive experience removing many of the negative connotations attached to it.

A TimeSmart coaching report designed to help with Performance Management reviews is provided at the end of the coaching session.

We provide 6 weeks of ongoing support to help reinforce and sustain everything you’ve learned.  This allows you to cement new habits and workflows while tackling real-world challenges.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss how TimeSmart can benefit your team, please visit our contact page to get in touch.

Why choose TimeSmart?

Discover the many ways TimeSmart can enhance how you and your team get things done.

Effectively manage a dynamic workflow in real-time

Enjoy clear visibility of all your work with digital planning and prioritisation processes to effectively manage constantly changing priorities in real-time.

Create a visible central workflow

Work on anything, anywhere with full visibility and control – seamless!  Great for WFH/hybrid work.

Drive productivity through shared practices

Focus on shared productivity processes and habits within a team to drive more valuable outcomes.  Great way to positively leverage time and resources across a team to support each other.

Experience email (or inbox) freedom!

Embrace an integrated communication strategy to be clearly understood.  One in every 2 emails are not read and interpreted correctly.  TimeSmart significantly reduces miscommunication and rework.

Optimise handoffs and teamwork

Engage in a delegation and collaboration process designed to give and receive work in a fast-moving workplace.

Experience end-of-day accomplishment

Enjoy a robust completion process which creates motivation and momentum.  This process makes a strong contribution to wellbeing.

Counter busyness with strategic planning

Improve sustainability of good decision making by creating thinking and planning time.  Eliminates the busyness syndrome where so much is done in urgency.


Well Done and I’m Very Pleased

I was sceptical about the session being a group online program, it was so well done and very pleased with how Anthony engaged the participants remotely.

Make Changes in Real-Time

The facilitator, Anthony, was informative and helpful, the lively online interaction helped to keep us engaged and interested.  It was great to make changes in real-time!  Thanks!

Results Speak For Themselves

Thanks for this helpful report. It’s great! I have seen a massive improvement in how the Executive Team is working together.  They have also commented on the fact that they feel more productive and in control which is a great outcome for the management team moving forward.  It’s a great product and the results speak for themselves!