Time Technology exists to help change old work habits into effective digital productivity work processes through technology adoption.  Our comprehensive support structure is designed to optimise the outcomes.

It takes 21 days to change behaviour—this is why we provide 42 days of TimeSmart support.  Learning has no value unless applied.  Application of new learning requires commitment.

TimeSmart is a phased learning program designed to give valuable guidance on what needs to be learnt through strong motivation and engagement strategies.  Emphasis is on skill retention and transfer through personalised learning.

The TimeSmart Timeline

Day 1:

On-site or Online Workshop

TimeSmart workshop is designed to encourage clients to be actively involved in the learning by implementing the TimeSmart productivity processes using their own technology, very hands on.  An excellent workbook is used as an ongoing reference tool and the workshop has clear and expected outcomes.

Day 7:

Easy Implementation Checklist

We provide a user-friendly client self-assessment TimeSmart checklist to give clarity to what has been done and what still needs to be done.  This checklist is aligned to the TimeSmart workbook, it’s a simple yet effective reminder of the various technology productivity functions.

Day 14:

Individual Online Coaching Sessions

We encourage clients to capture wins and challenges as new habits are forming.  In this individual coaching session, we customise the TimeSmart digital processes for specific roles and other technology being used.

In this session there are two additional learning units, the TimeSmart communication and delegation processes.  No question—good communication skills are critical and we all give and receive work, making the TimeSmart delegation processes a winner.

At the completion of both the initial workshop and individual coaching session, comprehensive progress reports are provided.  Clients find these extremely valuable to assist in performance reviews.

Up to Day 42:

6 Weeks Support (Online, Email or Phone)

  • Want some advice on a TimeSmart productivity process?
  • An IT update has changed your settings and functions have disappeared?  Contact us!
  • A crisis occurs and you need help to get restarted?  An online chat will sort it out.
  • New technology has been provided.  How does it integrate with the TimeSmart processes?
  • If it’s a technical problem, we can suggest a solution so you can explain to your IT Team.

After Day 42: Ongoing support through our LinkedIn Productivity Blogs.